How to Become a Vendor for the
Morehouse Tuskegee Classic 2023

Vendors interested in selling items for the Morehouse Tuskegee Classic in Birmingham, AL, may do so on properties along Graymont Avenue or on Legion Field property. Please see details below on how to obtain a City of Birmingham business license, remit sales tax, etc.

1. If selling along Graymont Avenue, which is across from Legion field, the vendor must get permission from the property owner to sell goods. Usually, the property owner will charge a rental fee. Such a fee and written agreement for the vendor to be present should be worked out between the vendor and property owner.
– Those selling food must get a license for food vendors, which is $150.
– Non-food vendors must get a license. Please check with the Finance Department on the cost.
– To park cars on properties around Legion Field, there is a $100 license. (This is even true if you own the property and are parking cars yourself.)
– If someone gives you permission to park cars on their property, you must show the Finance Department a letter from the property owner, and that letter must saying they give you permission to park cars.
– All vendors are responsible for paying 4 percent sales tax on their gross sales to the City of Birmingham. Finance Department officials will be collecting taxes on Saturday.

2. Business licenses can also be obtained prior to the game. Please contact the City of Birmingham’s Finance Department at City Hall at 205-254-2198 to secure a business license. The Finance Department is located on the first floor of City Hall, 710 – 20th St. North. They are open from 8 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. Securing a vendor spot on private property along Graymont Avenue or at Legion Field, does not exempt the vendor from obtaining a Birmingham business license or from paying Birmingham sales taxes. Each vendor must have a Birmingham business license in order to vend during the game or pre-game events.

3. Vendors interested in selling inside Legion Field stadium or on Legion Field property, must contact Leroy Everson at Legion Field at 205-254-2391. or send emails to [email protected]

4. City representatives will be checking vendors on game day to ensure everyone is licensed.

5. Sales tax for any sales made during the game will be collected prior to the game ending. All vendors will receive envelopes from the City of Birmingham to remit sales tax. If a vendor or vendors do not receive a visit from a Finance Department rep for collection, vendors are still responsible for mailing in sales tax within a week of the game ending. Vendors should use the envelopes they received from the Finance Department.

6. For property owners who will have food vendors on their property, the property owner is required to obtain a health department waiver for the selling of food. The property owner must also give the health department a list of all food vendors that will be on their property. Waivers are available at the Jefferson County Department of Health. Their number is 205-933-9110. Health department waivers will be checked on game day.

7. Questions on business licenses? Please send emails to Gregory Stanley, senior revenue examiner with the City of Birmingham, at [email protected] at 205-297-8155. People may also call Titania Brown at 205-254-2497 or email her at [email protected]